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Thanksgiving Weekend Thoughts #Gaza #Family #IndependentMedia #MattTaibbi #MediaMatters #BlackFriday @IndLeftNews @IndieMediaToday @IndieMediaAward

Direct Deposit SNAFUS?! | "Banking Glitches?" | WTF Is Going On?! #ACHPayments | @HowDidWeMissTha @GetIndieNews @IndLeftNews @IndieMediaToday @nashville_brook

What Are We Reading? 11/19/23 Edition @IndieMediaToday @GetIndieNews @IndieMediaAward @IndLeftNews

INN This Week 11/17/23 | @GetIndieNews @jesse_jett @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland @Ogbonna_Collin @BigMadCrab @SarcasmStardust @SnowHimbo @ReadeAlexandra

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Watch LIVE! Klobuchar Wants Rumble & Substack CENSORED! Indie Media Fights Back? Honoring the Best of the Best | Replay Starts @ 10pm ET | @HowDidWeMissTha @ReefBreland @IndLeftNews @GetIndieNews

INN This Week 11/3/23 | @GetIndieNews @ReefBreland @IndLeftNews @SarcasmStardust @BigMadCrab @phortuenti @SnowHimbo @Ogbonna_Collin @TheNoLabelsPod @Yeti1181 @ReadeAlexandra @STFUshitlib3

What Are We Reading? 11/3/23 Edition @IndLeftNews @IndieMediaToday

The Indie Media Awards: Revealing the Class of 2023 | @IndieMediaAward @HowDidWeMissTha @GetIndieNews @IndLeftNews @IndieMediaToday @ReefBreland

You Suck, Amy Klobuchar! Congress vs. Substack & Rumble? Time to Play Platform Whack-A-Mole Again | @mtaibbi @HowDidWeMissTha @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland @GetIndieNews

PREMIERE: Consortium News is Fighting the Censorship Industrial Complex in Court | @ConsortiumNews @mtaibbi @HowDidWeMissTha @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland @GetIndieNews

Indie Media Awards: The Class of 2023 | Fighting the Censorship Industrial Complex #HDWMT 99 | Watch LIVE! Starts @ 10pm ET | @HowDidWeMissTha @ReefBreland @IndLeftNews @GetIndieNews

INN This Week 10/27/23 | @GetIndieNews @ReefBreland @IndLeftNews @jesse_jett @SarcasmStardust @BigMadCrab2 @phortuenti @SnowHimbo @Ogbonna_Collin @AngelJRivera08 @STFUshitlib3 @RealRobDurden

PREMIERE: NewsGuild Demands Journalist Reveal Protected Conversation in Court | @HowDidWeMissTha @PaydayReport @GetIndieNews @ReefBreland @IndLeftNews @IndieMediaToday

Indie Media Awards Arrives on Substack

Solidarity with the UAW on Holding Out! | @UAW @HowDidWeMissTha @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland @GetIndieNews

PREMIERE: Study in Propaganda: Gaza, “Israel’s 9/11” & Al-Ahli Arab Hospital Bomb | @AlanRMacLeod @normansolomon @caitoz @mondoweiss @ScheerPost @MintPressNews @dancohen3000 @AJEnglish @GetIndieNews

Journalism Under Assault Worldwide | Propaganda Narratives Being Pushed | UAW Strike | #HDWMT 98 | Watch LIVE! Starts @ 10pm ET | @HowDidWeMissTha @ReefBreland @IndLeftNews @GetIndieNews

INN This Week 10/20/23 | @GetIndieNews @ReefBreland @IndLeftNews @SarcasmStardust @BigMadCrab2 @phortuenti @SnowHimbo @Ogbonna_Collin @ReadeAlexandra @AngelJRivera08

Propaganda Whitewashing War Crimes in #Palestine | Writers’ Strike Analysis | UAW Stuff | #HDWMT 97 | Watch LIVE! Starts @ 10pm ET | @HowDidWeMissTha @ReefBreland @IndLeftNews @GetIndieNews

PREMIERE: 3-Letter Agencies Hunting Assange Connections WORLDWIDE | @HowDidWeMissTha @GetIndieNews @ReefBreland @IndLeftNews @IndieMediaToday

INN This Week 10/13/23 | @GetIndieNews @IndLeftNews @SarcasmStardust @BigMadCrab2 @phortuenti @Jesse_Jett @SnowHimbo @ReefBreland @Ogbonna_Collin @ReadeAlexandra @AngelJRivera08 @RealRobDurden

Poverty in America Rising: By the Numbers | @HowDidWeMissTha @JeremyBNey #AmericanInequality @GetIndieNews @ReefBreland @IndLeftNews @IndieMediaToday

North Carolina Republicans create "secret police force?" | @juddlegum @HowDidWeMissTha @GetIndieNews @ReefBreland @IndLeftNews @IndieMediaToday

Elon Musk Breaks Twitter X More Every Day | @HowDidWeMissTha @truthout @ZhangSharon @IndieMediaAward @GetIndieNews @ReefBreland @IndLeftNews @IndieMediaToday

YouTube is SUPPRESSING Searches of Independent Channels Covering !srael & Palest!ne @HowDidWeMissTha @GetIndieNews @ReefBreland @IndLeftNews @IndieMediaToday

BREAKING: More YouTube SUPPRESSION! | Secret Police Force In NC! | American Poverty Rising #HDWMT 96 | Watch LIVE! | @HowDidWeMissTha @ReefBreland @IndLeftNews @GetIndieNews

INN This Week 10/6/23 | @GetIndieNews @IndLeftNews @SarcasmStardust @SnowHimbo @ReefBreland @Ogbonna_Collin @ReadeAlexandra

CJ Hopkins Update: Germany Prosecution, Michael Shellenberger | @HowDidWeMissTha @IndieMediaAward @GetIndieNews @ReefBreland @IndLeftNews @IndieMediaToday

UAW Strike - Media is Gullible & Desperate to Report a Win for Workers | @Left_Voice @WSWS_updates @HowDidWeMissTha @IndieMediaAward @GetIndieNews @ReefBreland @IndLeftNews @IndieMediaToday

Watch LIVE! UAW / Strike Updates | CJ Hopkins Update | Rumble: Fake Views? A Deep Dive | Starts at 10pm ET | #HDWMT 95 | @HowDidWeMissTha @ReefBreland @IndLeftNews @GetIndieNews

INN This Week 9/29/23 | @GetIndieNews @IndLeftNews @SnowHimbo @BigMadCrab2 @Phortuenti @Jesse_Jett @ReefBreland @Ogbonna_Collin @AngelJRivera @SarcasmStardust @ReadeAlexandra

Fake Views? Rumble Video. What Is Going On?

Watch LIVE! 10:30pm ET | FIRED for Telling the Truth? | Himbo’s Job Update | NEW: Make Text-To-Speech Videos on Substack | @IndLeftNews @SnowHimbo @GetIndieNews

INN This Week 9/22/23 | @GetIndieNews @Yeti1181 @SnowHimbo @IndLeftNews @BigMadCrab @Phortuenti @ReefBreland @Ogbonna_Collin @SarcasmStardust

Why Did Social Media Go to War Against Writers?

Mr. Mike’s Mondo Imbroglio, or: How Not to Launch a Global Anti-Censorship Movement

Turn Your Substack Article Into A Video With Text-to-Speech: Indie's Tech Tips | @indleftnews @indiemediatoday

Watch LIVE! 10:30pm ET | UAW Goes On Strike! Or Do They? | Amazon Labor Article by INN Revisited 1 Year Later | @IndLeftNews @SnowHimbo @GetIndieNews

INN This Week 9/15/23 | @GetIndieNews @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland @Ogbonna_Collin @BigMadCrab @AngelJRivera08 @SarcasmStardust @Phortuenti @SnowHimbo @BeTheChangeYT @BMLucy22 @jesse_jett

Indie joined Jaybefaunt from Revolutionary Blackout to Talk to cover some news and talk about independent media - watch the replay here! @Jaybefaunt @GetIndieNews @IndLeftNews @IndieMediaToday

Not You Too, Substack! Stay Out of Promoting Content. Be a Platform.

What to Expect In September from Indie Media Today

INN This Week 9/8/23 | @GetIndieNews @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland @Ogbonna_Collin @BigMadCrab @AngelJRivera08 @SarcasmStardust @Phortuenti @SnowHimbo @ReadeAlexandra @RealRobDurden

Environmentalists Owe an Enormous Debt to #JulianAssange @NatCounterPunch @HowDidWeMissTha @GetIndieNews @ReefBreland @IndLeftNews @IndieMediaToday

"When all is exposed, 98% of Washington will fall"- Julian Assange | @GordonDimmack @HowDidWeMissTha @GetIndieNews @ReefBreland @IndLeftNews @IndieMediaToday

Stop Cop City Atlanta Update | @truthout @Ludwig_Mike @HowDidWeMissTha @IndieMediaAward @GetIndieNews @ReefBreland @IndLeftNews @IndieMediaToday

INN This Week 9/1/23 | @GetIndieNews @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland @BigMadCrab @AngelJRivera08 @SarcasmStardust @Phortuenti @SnowHimbo @HowDidWeMissTha

#FreeJulianAssange! Keep the Pressure ON! | @GordonDimmack @NatCounterPunch @HowDidWeMissTha @GetIndieNews @ReefBreland @IndLeftNews @IndieMediaToday

We Stand With The Grayzone!

Indie's Tech Tips: YouTube Video Embedding Tricks in Substack

Hollywood Strike Update | @ElaineLow1 #Strikegeist #Substack @HowDidWeMissTha #WGA #sagaftrastrike @GetIndieNews @ReefBreland @IndLeftNews @IndieMediaToday

Free Speech is Disappearing. Support CJ Hopkins! | @CJHopkins_Z23 @ConsentFactory @HowDidWeMissTha @GetIndieNews @ReefBreland @IndLeftNews @IndieMediaToday

Watch LIVE! Starts 10pm ET | #StopCopCity! | Hollywood Strike | Support CJ Hopkins! | #FreeJulianAssangeNOW | #HDWMT 94 | @HowDidWeMissTha @ReefBreland @IndLeftNews @GetIndieNews

What Are We Reading? 8/27/23 Edition @IndLeftNews @IndieMediaToday

INN This Week 8/25/23 | @GetIndieNews @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland @BigMadCrab @AngelJRivera08 @SarcasmStardust @Phortuenti @SnowHimbo @jesse_jett @HowDidWeMissTha

OK Doomer - What in the WEF Is Going On Here, Exactly? | @JessicaLexicus @HowDidWeMissTha @GetIndieNews @ReefBreland @IndLeftNews @IndieMediaToday

Excellent Russia-Ukraine War Aggregator on Substack | @HowDidWeMissTha @_askeptik @GetIndieNews @ReefBreland @IndLeftNews @IndieMediaToday

Same Sh*t, Different Government: A New Substack Aggregator | @HowDidWeMissTha @GetIndieNews @ReefBreland @IndLeftNews @IndieMediaToday

Twitter (X) Under Elon Musk Is A Psyop. @CJHopkinsZ23 Says "I Told You So!" | @HowDidWeMissTha @ReefBreland @IndLeftNews @IndieMediaToday

New INN Projects | @GetIndieNews @HowDidWeMissTha @STFUshitlib3 @Yeti1181 @BigMadCrab @SnowHimbo @SarcasmStardust @ReefBreland @IndLeftNews @IndieMediaToday

Watch LIVE! Starts 10pm ET | Elon’s Social Media Adventure | Doomers Have BIG Ideas | New News Aggregators to Follow | #HDWMT 93 | @HowDidWeMissTha @ReefBreland @IndLeftNews @GetIndieNews

INN This Week 8/18/23 | @GetIndieNews @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland @ogbonna_collin @BigMadCrab @AngelJRivera08 @SarcasmStardust @ReadeAlexandra @STFUshitlib3 #KrisLegion @jesse_jett @HowDidWeMissTha

Clarence Thomas LOVES Billionaire Gifts | #KrisLegion @HowDidWeMissTha @ProPublica @GetIndieNews @ReefBreland @IndLeftNews @IndieMediaToday

Imran Khan: How USA/NATO Deals w/ Leaders Who Resist | @HowDidWeMissTha #KrisLegion @CraigMurrayOrg @ReefBreland @IndLeftNews @GetIndieNews @IndieMediaToday

It Was ALWAYS a Class War | #KrisLegion @HowDidWeMissTha @mtaibbi @ReefBreland @IndLeftNews @GetIndieNews @IndieMediaToday

Trump’s Indictment Sets Dangerous Precedent | #KrisLegion @HowDidWeMissTha @GetIndieNews @IndieMediaToday @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland

UPS-Teamsters TA Update | @HowDidWeMissTha @GetIndieNews @IndieMediaToday @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland

Watch LIVE! Starts 10pm ET | Trump Precedent | Imran Khan | Clarence’s Corruption Runs DEEP | Kris Legion Joins | #HDWMT 92 | @HowDidWeMissTha @ReefBreland @IndLeftNews @GetIndieNews

More Amazon Drivers Striking - Expanded to 10 STATES!!! | @FightBackNews @HowDidWeMissTha @GetIndieNews @IndieMediaToday @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland

The Dark Side of Making Electric Cars | @MorePerfectUS @HowDidWeMissTha @GetIndieNews @IndieMediaToday @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland

INN This Week 8/11/23 | @GetIndieNews @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland @ogbonna_collin @BigMadCrab @AngelJRivera08 @SarcasmStardust @ReadeAlexandra #KrisLegion @jesse_jett @HowDidWeMissTha @RealRobDurden

Leah Remini Sues Scientology | @LeahRemini @TMZ @HowDidWeMissTha @GetIndieNews @IndieMediaToday @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland

LIVE! 9pm ET! Frustration | We Found a CIA Front! | Pinnacle of Man | Nobody Wants to Work Anymore! #3 @GetIndieNews @IndLeftNews @SnowHimbo

Health Insurance? STILL Not Enough to Stop Americans from Delaying Treatments | @HowDidWeMissTha @GetIndieNews @IndieMediaToday @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland

Indie joined Kit from Hard Lens Media to cover the news this morning - watch the replay here!

Visit #EastPalestine, Joe Biden! | @IndLeftNews @GetIndieNews @JessicaConardEP @HowDidWeMissTha @GetIndieNews @IndieMediaToday @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland

Amazon Drivers, UPS-Teamsters, SAG-AFTRA Strike, Yellow Freight: Labor This Week | @HowDidWeMissTha @GetIndieNews @IndieMediaToday @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland

Watch LIVE! Starts 10pm ET | INSURED Americans Delaying Healthcare: Costs Too Much | Scientology SUED | Worker Update | #HDWMT 91 | @HowDidWeMissTha @ReefBreland @IndLeftNews @GetIndieNews

Free School Lunches Part 2 - Nothing in Life is Free | @OffGuardian0 @KitKnightly @HowDidWeMissTha @GetIndieNews @IndieMediaToday @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland

INN This Week 8/4/23 | @GetIndieNews @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland @HowDidWeMissTha @ogbonna_collin @BigMadCrab @AngelJRivera08 @LucyCan22 @SarcasmStardust @ReadeAlexandra @STFUshitlib3 @jesse_jett

Caitlin Johnstone: Biden Promotes Hardliners & The Star Spangled Kangaroo @caitoz | @HowDidWeMissTha @GetIndieNews @IndieMediaToday @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland

Labor Reporters’ Positive Spin of the UPS-Teamsters Tentative Agreement | @HowDidWeMissTha @SocialistAlt @GetIndieNews @IndieMediaToday @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland

UPS-Teamster "Vote No" Campaign Led By @wrkrsstrikeback @cmkshama | @HowDidWeMissTha @SocialistAlt @GetIndieNews @IndieMediaToday @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland

UPS-Teamster Perspective by @LuigiwMorris, a @Left_Voice journalist & Part Timer | @HowDidWeMissTha @GetIndieNews @IndieMediaToday @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland

Was The UPS-Teamsters Deal a SELLOUT By Union Leadership? | @TomHallSEP @HowDidWeMissTha @GetIndieNews @IndieMediaToday @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland

UPS-Teamsters: Union Leadership makes a Deal - Will the Rank & File Approve It? | @HowDidWeMissTha @GetIndieNews @IndieMediaToday @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland

Watch LIVE! Starts 10pm ET | UPS-Teamsters: The TA from Every Angle | Free School Lunches Part 2 | Caitlin Johnstone | #HDWMT 90 | @HowDidWeMissTha @ReefBreland @IndLeftNews @GetIndieNews

Yellow Freight: Screwing over Workers? | @LFelizLeon @LaborNotes @HowDidWeMissTha ​ @GetIndieNews @IndieMediaToday @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland

Free K-12 School Lunches Program Gaining Steam: Up To 6 States Now | @HowDidWeMissTha @19thNews ​ @GetIndieNews @IndieMediaToday @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland

Ukraine Update: Why Are We There Again? | @NatCounterPunch @HowDidWeMissTha @OttenbergEve @GetIndieNews @IndieMediaToday @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland

Amazon Strikes in Michigan on Prime Day + UK @LFelizLeon @LaborNotes @HowDidWeMissTha @CommonDreams @GetIndieNews @IndieMediaToday @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland @ogbonna_collin

Teamsters - UPS - Yellow Freight - Sean O'Brien | @LFelizLeon @LaborNotes @HowDidWeMissTha @GetIndieNews @IndieMediaToday @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland @ogbonna_collin

Watch LIVE! Starts 10pm ET | UPS & Yellow Teamsters | Amazon Warehouse Strikes | Ukraine Update | Free School Lunches | #HDWMT 89 | @HowDidWeMissTha @ReefBreland @IndLeftNews @GetIndieNews

Twitter Files Extra: The Censorship of RFK Jr.

INN This Week 7/21/23 | @GetIndieNews @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland @HowDidWeMissTha @ogbonna_collin @BigMadCrab @phortuenti @AngelJRivera08 @SarcasmStardust @ReadeAlexandra @STFUshitlib3 @jesse_jett

Is Substack Going Full Sh*tlib? | @SubstackInc @HowDidWeMissTha @GetIndieNews @IndieMediaToday @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland @ogbonna_collin

Taibbi's Latest Twitter Files, Missouri v Biden Edition: VINDICATION! | @mtaibbi @HowDidWeMissTha @GetIndieNews @IndieMediaToday @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland @ogbonna_collin

Amazon Labor - NLRB Ruling & Chris Smalls Recall? | @labornotes @NLRB @HowDidWeMissTha @GetIndieNews @IndieMediaToday @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland @ogbonna_collin

What Are We Reading? 7/18/23 Edition

NLRB: STARBUCKS Guilty of MULTIPLE Union-Busting Violations at Pittsburgh stores | @HowDidWeMissTha @GetIndieNews @IndieMediaToday @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland

BIG WINS for Starbucks Workers' Union: YES Votes, Nationwide! | @SBWorkersUnited @HowDidWeMissTha @GetIndieNews @IndieMediaToday @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland

Watch LIVE! Starts 10pm ET | Twitter Files | Amazon Labor NLRB Win, Chris Smalls Recall? | Substack Going Sh*tlib? #HDWMT 88 | @HowDidWeMissTha @ReefBreland @IndLeftNews @GetIndieNews

City of Houston SUES State of Texas Over "Death Star" Law | @HowDidWeMissTha @GetIndieNews @IndieMediaToday @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland

NLRB: Starbucks Must REOPEN Ithaca NY Store, Rehire Fired Workers w/ Restitution! | @HowDidWeMissTha @GetIndieNews @IndieMediaToday @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland

INN This Week 7/14/23 | @GetIndieNews @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland @HowDidWeMissTha @ogbonna_collin @BigMadCrab @phortuenti @AngelJRivera08 @SarcasmStardust @ReadeAlexandra @STFUshitlib3 @jesse_jett

Moms For Liberty-Aligned $125/hr Unqualified Education Consultant | @juddlegum @HowDidWeMissTha @GetIndieNews @IndieMediaToday @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland

Summer Texas Heat Killing Prisoners, Causing Lawsuits @Truthout @HowDidWeMissTha @GetIndieNews @IndieMediaToday @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland

Indie guest co-hosted Hard Lens Media with Kit Cabello | @HardLensMedia @KitCabello @GetIndieNews @IndLeftNews

Starbucks Workers’ Big Week | @SBWorkersUnited @CommonDreams @NLRB @HowDidWeMissTha @GetIndieNews @IndieMediaToday @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland

UPS-Teamsters Talks Collapse; Strike Coming August 1? | @commondreams @Truthout @HowDidWeMissTha @GetIndieNews @IndieMediaToday @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland

Watch LIVE! Starts 10pm ET | UPS Teamsters | Starbucks Union | Texas Heat | Moms for Liberty | INN’s @Tahtahme Joins | #HDWMT 87 | @HowDidWeMissTha @ReefBreland @IndLeftNews @GetIndieNews

Non-Profit Farmers’ Markets in NYC & DC Unionizing! | @Truthout @HowDidWeMissTha @GetIndieNews @IndieMediaToday @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland

Follow the Money: Biden’s Infrastructure Bill | @HowDidWeMissTha @GetIndieNews @IndieMediaToday @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland

Fighting The Censorship Industrial Complex | @CJHopkins_z23 @HowDidWeMissTha @GetIndieNews @IndieMediaToday @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland

Tara Reade’s “Temporary Asylum” in Russia | @ReadeAlexandra @HowDidWeMissTha @GetIndieNews @IndieMediaToday @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland

Unionizing at Farmers Markets in NYC, Loma Linda Medical Residents | @Truthout @PortsideOrg @HowDidWeMissTha @GetIndieNews @IndieMediaToday @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland

Nurses Strike in Texas and Kansas at Ascension Health Hospitals | @HowDidWeMissTha @GetIndieNews @IndieMediaToday @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland

Watch LIVE! Starts 10pm ET | Nurses Strike! | Big Event in London | Infrastructure Bill | Tara Reade in Russia | #HDWMT Ep 86 | @HowDidWeMissTha @ReefBreland @IndLeftNews @GetIndieNews

Texas Governor Axing Construction Workers’ Water Breaks Amid Record Heat | @Truthout @Zhang_sharon @GetIndieNews @IndieMediaToday @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland

California Schools Urged to Create Heat Plans on a Warming Planet | @HowDidWeMissTha @Truthout @GetIndieNews @IndieMediaToday @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland

We’re Failing Our Elders: Seniors Are a Growing Portion of Unhoused Population | @HowDidWeMissTha @GetIndieNews @IndieMediaToday @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland

INN This Week 6/30/23 | @GetIndieNews @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland @HowDidWeMissTha @LucyCan22 @BigMadCrab @phortuenti @ogbonna_collin @AngelJRivera08 @SarcasmStardust @STFUshitlib3 @ReadeAlexandra

UPS Worker Activist: “We Must Strike” | @HowDidWeMissTha @left_voice @GetIndieNews @IndieMediaToday @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland

Supreme Corruption & Conflicts of Interest | ACB & Alito | @HowDidWeMissTha @GetIndieNews @IndieMediaToday @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland

Summer of Strikes? | UPS/Teamsters | Actors Joining Writers | Spirit Aero | @HowDidWeMissTha @GetIndieNews @IndieMediaToday @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland

Starbucks BUSTED again, 150 Stores ON STRIKE this week! | @HowDidWeMissTha @SBWorkersUnited @GetIndieNews @IndieMediaToday @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland

States Failing: Schools, Seniors, Workers & Infrastructure | @Truthout @Zhang_sharon @commondreams @GetIndieNews @IndieMediaToday @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland

Watch LIVE! Starts 10pm ET | MORE SUPREME (Court) Corruption | Summer of Strikes? | States Are Failing Citizens | #HDWMT Ep 85 | @HowDidWeMissTha @ReefBreland @IndLeftNews @GetIndieNews

Radio Editor SUSPENDED for Not Pushing One-Sided US/UK Propaganda | @HowDidWeMissTha @ConsortiumNews @IndieMediaToday @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland @GetIndieNews

Indie News Network's NEW INN Weekly Update Published to Substack | @GetIndieNews @HowDidWeMissTha @IndieMediaToday @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland

Alien Whistleblower David Grusch: Legit? Or Full of Sh*t? | @Unapologeticyt @howdidwemisstha @GetIndieNews @IndieMediaToday @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland

UK MILITARY FIGURES WARN MINISTERS ABOUT #UKRAINE | @HowDidWeMissTha @DeclassifiedUK @GetIndieNews @IndieMediaToday @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland

East Palestine Update: They Still Need Everyone's Help - This Isn't Going Away | @HowDidWeMissTha @GetIndieNews @IndieMediaToday @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland

Watch LIVE! Starts 10pm ET | Aliens?! Let’s Talk About It | UK Narrative Managing Ukraine | HELP East Palestine! | #HDWMT Ep 84 | @HowDidWeMissTha @ReefBreland @IndLeftNews @GetIndieNews

Backwards Priorities - Military Above All Else | @JuddLegum @HowDidWeMissTha @GetIndieNews @IndieMediaToday @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland

CJ Hopkins BUSTED for a Book Cover? | @cjhopkins_z23 @HowDidWeMissTha @GetIndieNews @IndieMediaToday @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland

NordStream Pipeline Explosion: They Think We’re REALLY Dumb | @JordanSchachtel @HowDidWeMissTha @GetIndieNews @IndieMediaToday @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland

.@AaronJMate's Latest #TwitterFiles Drop! FBI & Ukraine SBU Pushing Censorship | @HowDidWeMissTha@GetIndieNews @IndieMediaToday @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland

What’s Happening in Republican Presidential Primary Clown World? | @HowDidWeMissTha @hamiltonnolan @GetIndieNews @IndieMediaToday @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland

Watch LIVE! Starts 10pm ET | Trump | Twitter Files | Ukraine Propaganda | Nord Stream Debunk | Military Waste | #HDWMT Ep 83 | @HowDidWeMissTha @ReefBreland @IndLeftNews @GetIndieNews

Chris Hedges: Matt Taibbi CRUCIFIED by Democrats | @ChrisLynnHedges @Scheer_Post @mtaibbi @HowDidWeMissTha @GetIndieNews @IndieMediaToday @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland

Workers at Amazon Corporate Walk Out! But... Why? @HowDidWeMissTha @BrettWilkinsSF @CommonDreams @GetIndieNews @IndieMediaToday @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland

Did US & UK Classify Julian Assange as a TERRORIST? | Assange Hacking Allegations BOGUS, Forensic Evidence shows | @wikileaks @Jaraparilla @tareq_haddad @MattOBranian

Assange Case: New Footage Proves He Was Spied on by CIA | @Tareq_haddad @elPais @HowDidWeMissTha @GetIndieNews @IndieMediaToday @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland

Julian Assange Case: Crown Prosecution Service DESTROYED Key Documents | @smaurizi @HowDidWeMissTha @GetIndieNews @IndieMediaToday @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland

Nova Scotia, Canada ON FIRE! Apocalyptic Wildfires | @CommonDreams @JuliaKConley @HowDidWeMissTha @GetIndieNews @IndieMediaToday @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland

Watch LIVE! Starts 10pm ET | Amazon Corporate Walkout! | Hedges: Taibbi Crucified by Dems | LOTS of Assange NEWS | #HDWMT Ep 82 | @HowDidWeMissTha @ReefBreland @IndLeftNews @GetIndieNews

What Are We Reading? 5/29/23 | @CJHopkins_Z23 @caitoz @equalityAlec @VanessaBeeley @ErinBrockovich @jesse_jett @GetIndieNews

Sorry, That’s Classified - but WHO Classified It? | @kgosztola @HowDidWeMissTha @GetIndieNews @IndieMediaToday @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland

Julian Assange's Release Is Crucial for Our Future: Fabian Scheidler | @HowDidWeMissTha @GetIndieNews @IndieMediaToday @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland

What Has Indie Been Up to in May?

Grocery Monopolies Are Bad! Kroger-Albertson’s | @juddlegum @HowDidWeMissTha @GetIndieNews @IndieMediaToday @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland

Detained “Cop City” Journalist Sues Atlanta Police, Alleges Intimidation | @Truthout @HowDidWeMissTha @GetIndieNews @IndieMediaToday @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland

Raise The Wage, Louisiana! | @truthout @ludwig_mike @HowDidWeMissTha @GetIndieNews @IndieMediaToday @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland

Felony Charges for Three Allegedly Flyering Near Home of GA Cop | @ur_ninja @HowDidWeMissTha @GetIndieNews @IndieMediaToday @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland

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Clarence Thomas: TOTALLY CORRUPT, Going to Get Away With It | @HowDidWeMissTha @GetIndieNews @IndieMediaToday @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland

The Encyclopedia of Narrative Control Orgs, Vol. 1 #CIC #TwitterFiles | @HowDidWeMissTha @GetIndieNews @IndieMediaToday @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland

5/16: Union of the Unwanted, Whitney Webb Unlimited Hangout, Robert Durden, The Independent Review @uotuw @_whitneywebb @RealRobDurden @TheIndReview

Watch LIVE! Starts 10pm ET | Will Clarence Thomas Get Off Scot Free? | Censorship Industrial Complex Broken Down #HDWMT Ep 80 | @HowDidWeMissTha @ReefBreland @IndLeftNews @GetIndieNews

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Bonus: Articles We Didn't Cover in this week's How Did We Miss That | Feat: @KitKlarenberg @CommonDreams @Scheer_Post @TheGrayzoneNews @WorldBeyondWar @HamiltonNolan @HowDidWeMissTha @IndieMediaToday

Watch LIVE! Starts 10pm ET | Child Labor in America?! | NATO LOSING in Ukraine | Gaslighting Assange Supporters | #HDWMT Ep 79 | @HowDidWeMissTha @ReefBreland @IndLeftNews @GetIndieNews

5/7: MSNBC Host Admits Their Biden Coverage Is Garbage | Who ATTACKED The Kremlin? | Spring offensive all hype? Kadyrov in Bakhmut. Dutch farmers lifetime ban. Kamala AI Tsar, AI in Political Ads

5/6: Meet King Charles, The Great Resetter | Corporate Media, DNC & Biden VS RFK Jr | Ray McGovern: US missile sites in Romania & Poland | Fiorella & Pasta Detained in the US | RideSHARE Except Profit

Weaponizing Free Speech | @HowDidWeMissTha @GetIndieNews @IndieMediaToday @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland

Free Julian Assange! USA Leaders Trolling Him Now | @HowDidWeMissTha @UNJoe @ConsortiumNews @GetIndieNews @IndieMediaToday @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland

5/5: TRESPASSING IS NO LONGER LEGAL? | 4 US banks crash in 2 months: Banking crisis explained | Why the US Gov HATES Workers and Unions | What Is MAY DAY | Corp Media Covers This Topic 1,000% Too Much

What Are We Reading? 5/5/23

DEA Sliding Into Your DMs | @HowDidWeMissTha @EFF @ScheerPost @GetIndieNews @IndieMediaToday @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland

Indie Media Today's Substack Stats and Growth Since Notes Launched on April 8, 2023

5/4: Let's talk about drones hitting the Kremlin | Protests in France Are Getting CRAZY | Firefighters Join In! | Multiple US Officials Confronted About Assange Hypocrisy On #WorldPressFreedomDay

Taibbi's Report on the Censorship-Industrial Complex | @HowDidWeMissTha @0rf @NAffects @mtaibbi @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland @GetIndieNews

5/3: They All Ignored THIS At The White House Correspondents Dinner | Politicians Play War Games - As We Quietly Die | Kshama Sawant on the Stagnation of Biden Admin | US Building Bases in Finland? +

UPDATE: U of Michigan Grad Student Strike Continues | @HowDidWeMissTha @left_voice @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland @GetIndieNews

5/2: Bank Collapse just got WORSE, Feds PANIC over bank runs | The Post-Duopoly Show | Analysis of USA Left Politics | USA's MIC Revolving Door | DNC Voter Software Owned By WHAT Country? +

Bonus: Articles We Didn't Cover in this week's How Did We Miss That | Feat: @0rf @NAffects @ErinBrockovich @SuzanneWriting @nashville_brook @caitoz @SubstackInc @HowDidWeMissTha @IndieMediaToday

5/1: NATO vs Russia/China | Election 2024 | Ukraine Update | BlackRock HQ STORMED! | Feat @AntiwarNews @AMercouris @LeeCamp @caitoz @GarlandNixon @IndieMediaToday

Watch LIVE! Starts 10pm ET | CENSORSHIP from Every Angle You Can Imagine | Michigan Grad Student Strike UPDATE | #HDWMT Ep 78 | @HowDidWeMissTha @ReefBreland @IndLeftNews @GetIndieNews

4/30: DNC Says There Will Be No Debates - Because... Democracy! | MAJOR ISSUES UNFOLDING [Columbia Gulf Pipeline + Oil Tanker Seized] | Report on The Censorship Industrial Complex +

Rail Workers to AOC & Dems: Do NOT Gaslight Us! | @HowDidWeMissTha @RailroadWorkers @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland @GetIndieNews

4/29: The Bernie Sanders Movement Is DEAD | Media Breakdown: How To Watch CNN Propaganda | Where U.S Weapons For Ukraine Are REALLY Going! w/ Sy Hersh | Exit The W.H.O Right Now! +

Cop City: Tortuguita MURDERED UNARMED, No Gunpowder Residue Found | @HowDidWeMissTha @UR_ninja @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland @GetIndieNews

4/28: NY Times & WaPo Editors CONFRONTED Over Ukraine War Lies! | Who on Earth Would SHOOT a Child? Man SHOOTS Neighbors | Iran SEIZES Tanker +

Police Abusing Civil Forfeiture Laws to Seize Cash for Themselves | @truthout @HowDidWeMissTha @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland @GetIndieNews

4/27: Corporate Media DESTROYED to Their Faces by Jose Vega | BIDEN 2024, Oops! NO DEBATES!, Student Loan HEADACHES | Clare Daly Delivers FIERY Speech To WAKE UP Americans +

Corporate Media are the Anti-Wikileaks | @ElizabethVos @ConsortiumNews @HowDidWeMissTha @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland @GetIndieNews

4/26: MSNBC Repeats Hamilton 68 Lies 279 Times in 11 Minutes | Only One Question for the Working Class | FOX News shoots itself in the foot, FIRES Tucker Carlson+ Indie Media continues to grow! +

Journalists CONVICTED Of 'Trespassing' While Covering Eviction Of Homeless Encampment in NC | @HowDidWeMissTha @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland @GetIndieNews

4/25: Free Assange: Journalism Is Not a Crime! | BREAKING NEWS: Tucker Carlson Let Go From FOX News & CNN Don Lemon Fired | US arms companies profiting from the war in Ukraine | War Propaganda Exposed

What Are We Reading?

4/24: SCANDAL: The Myth of Data & Internet Privacy / Protonmail Is Not Safe | Gitmo Ron DeSantis | Ukraine Seeks More Western Weapons & Victory Over Russia | Ralph Yarl Shot in Kansas City +

How Did We Miss That? Clips & Livestream Archive Link

Watch LIVE! Starts 10pm ET | Cops Are Criminals! | Corporate Media Are the Anti-Wikileaks | Rail Workers Speak Out | #HDWMT Ep 77 | @HowDidWeMissTha @ReefBreland @IndLeftNews @GetIndieNews

Norfolk Southern Executives’ GREED | @HowDidWeMissTha @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland @GetIndieNews

4/23: The Most Evil Company Out There | Biden Taking Away 14 Million Americans’ Dental Care! | Mexico Supports Assange! | Cory Booker on Weed? | World Economic Forum's Young Global Leaders +

Rutgers Faculty Strike! | @HowDidWeMissTha @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland @GetIndieNews

4/22: Democrats Threaten Journalist Matt Taibbi With Prison Over Twitter Files! | Pre-K Workers FIGHT | BANNED BY YOUTUBE! 5th Generation Warfare, Pentagon Leak, CBDC's, Restrict Act, Op Aerodynamic +

Michigan Grad Students STRIKE! for Living Wage & Social Justice | @HowDidWeMissTha @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland @GetIndieNews

4/21: EXCLUSIVE: Matt Taibbi Speaks Out About Congress Threatening Him With Jail | Is Tik Tok a U.S. Deep State front? w/ Alan MacLeod | Facebook Brands Seymour Hersh Reporting As ‘False’ +

Do Tech Workers Need #Unions? | @HowDidWeMissTha @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland @GetIndieNews

4/20: BIDEN DOJ CHARGES BLACK ACTIVISTS FOR SUPPORTING RUSSIA | US Reveals They Have Top Secret Nuclear Tech In Ukraine | I'm worried but they say it's okay | Pearson REINSTATED +

Indiana Plastics Fire Releases TOXIC Chemicals, Residents EVACUATED | @HowDidWeMissTha @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland @GetIndieNews

4/19: Degrading Your Right to PRIVACY It’s NOT About Leaked Documents & TIKTOK | United for East Palestine: we're experiencing a MASS EXTINCTION LEVEL EVENT | Situation in Sudan EXPLAINED +

ANNOUNCEMENT: The Future of Indie Left News' website

Matt Taibbi CENSORED by Elon Musk! Jack Teixeira & the Pentagon Leaks | @HowDidWeMissTha @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland @GetIndieNews

4/18: Pentagon Leak, Al-Aqsa Mosque Assault, Fluoride Trial Update, & More on Dioxins in Ohio | EMPTY Promises in Biden’s FY24 Budget | Chinese Defense Minister in Moscow +

4/17: RUSSIA, CHINA, & UKRAINE - NEOCON NIGHTMARE | Florida Might Be Done For | 350,000 Teamsters are about to take on UPS | BRICS Bank is de-dollarizing | US Smart Bombs Failing in Ukraine! +

Watch LIVE! Starts 10pm ET | Taibbi on Censorship & Leaks | Tech Worker Unions? | Norfolk Southern’s GREED | #HDWMT Ep 76 | @HowDidWeMissTha @ReefBreland @IndLeftNews @GetIndieNews

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4/16: BOMBSHELL! Jamie Dimon Is Part Of Jeffrey Epstein’s Web Of Corruption! | Pearson REINSTATED, Paris SIZZLES, National Emergency ENDS, NYC Pre-K Workers FIGHT! +more!

The New Normal Left | @CJHopkins_Z23 @HowDidWeMissTha @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland @GetIndieNews

4/15: DERAILMENT Spree | Brazil’s Lula travels to China, Calls to END $USD dominance | Ray McGovern: The Politics of the CIA Whistleblowers | Season of the Snitch - The Grayzone Friday Live +

Another IPCC Nightmare Report | #climateemergency @HowDidWeMissTha @KitCabello @CommonDreams @GetIndieNews @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland

4/14: Congressman Lets Slip Real Reason US Wants Taiwan Proxy War | America’s Time is Up: Inflation, Interest Rates, Chaos, Confusion | Glenn Greenwald on Pentagon Leaks, PBS Rage Quits Twitter +

Substack Notes Launches | An In-Depth Look | @SubstackInc @HowDidWeMissTha @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland

Documenting Our Progression on Substack for 2+ Years! Excited to Go "Next Level" with NOTES | @SubstackInc @IndLeftNews @IndieMediaToday @GetIndieNews

4/13: Pentagon Leak, Real or Controlled, Lula Arrives in China | Richard Wolff: How BILLIONAIRES Exploit The 99% | EUROPEAN SOVEREIGNTY - MACRON'S WORTHLESS WORDS | Sy Hersh: Zelensky Is Skimming +

Substack Notes Launches | “New Normal” Left | #HDWMT Special Edition 75a | @HowDidWeMissTha @GetIndieNews @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland

Nordstream Cover Story Paper-Thin, Crumbles | @HowDidWeMissTha @KitCabello @CraigMurrayOrg @GetIndieNews @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland

4/12: Julian Assange - Four Years In Belmarsh | Banks Now Cutting Off Protesters! | Chicago To Host 2024 Democratic Party Convention | MASSIVE FIRE AND HAZARDOUS SMOKE PLUME +

4/11: Ukraine, Gaza, CBDC's, Robert Calif | Former FBI Officer on COINTELPRO | PEOPLE NEED TO BE AWARE BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE especially WV, PA, OH, KY | Police Union Head CAUGHT Running Fentanyl Ring!+

Twitter vs Substack - WTF Happened? Musk, Taibbi, Notes, Link Throttling | @kitcabello @HowDidWeMissTha @SubstackInc @TwitterAPI @GetIndieNews @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland

4/10: Oh SH*T! NATO Expands! | Aaron Maté On Russell Brand | Aftermath Of Chicago Election, Due Dissidence Coverage, Twitter VS Substack | Leak Shows NATO Special Ops Forces Are in Ukraine +

Watch LIVE! Starts 10pm ET | Taibbi, Twitter & Substack | IPCC Report | Vulkan Leaks Exposed | Kit Cabello Joins | #HDWMT Ep 75 | @HowDidWeMissTha @KitCabello @HardLensMedia @GetIndieNews

4/9: Al-Aqsa Mosque ATTACKED | Hundreds Laid Off at McDonalds | Russia Holds 90% Bakhmut, Sweden Refutes 6 Guys in Boat NS Claim, Macron Accused of Betraying US | Aid For East Palestine Ohio +

CDC Officers SICK! | Justice Dept SUES Norfolk Southern | East Palestine | @HowDidWeMissTha

BREAKING: Substack vs. Twitter - Poking Bears Has Consequences | Special Report @IndieMediaToday @SubstackInc @Twitter @TwitterAPI

4/8: YOUR HOUSE, YOUR LAND COULD BE NEXT [we should ALL be WORRIED] | The Media Don’t Want You To Know THESE FARMERS WON | Matt Taibbi DESTROYS Mehdi Hasan | Sirota Licks AOC's Boots

4/7: THIS Is Why Banks Are Failing Now | CHEMICALS ARE LEAKING INTO THE WATER | Why Work Is Getting Worse | Joe Rogan on the TikTok Bill! | US Against 'Road Map' for Ukraine NATO Membership +

Now - About the Water... | @HowDidWeMissTha @ErinBrockovich @commondreams @GetIndieNews

RESTRICT Act - It’s NOT about TikTok | @jordanschachtel @HowDidWeMissTha #TheDossier @IndLeftNews @GetIndieNews

4/6: Unintended Outcomes: Dems Rabid for Trump, AI Hookup Buddies | INTERVIEW w/United For E. Palestine, URGENT Railway Regulation, POTUS EMPTY Promises | Missiles to Taiwan + Billions to Ukraine!

Germany's Mega-Strike! | @TheCanaryUK @HowDidWeMissTha @France24 @IndLeftNews

4/5: Pelosi Confronted By Activists, A.I. Nightmare, Even CNN Can't Hype Up Trump Case, Chicago Election | Wall Street Billionaires Are Snatching Up America's Water | Finland Formally Joins NATO +

Dollar Store DANGER?! Yes. @juddlegum #PopularInformation @HowDidWeMissTha @IndLeftNews

4/4: SHOCKING! The JUSTICE DEPARTMENT just ADMITTED HOW BAD this is [it affects the entire East Coast] | CDC Officials Getting Sick In East Palestine, Ohio | Americans are being TRICKED by Tiktok Ban

4/3: US invites authoritarian far-right regimes to 'Summit for Democracy' | Israeli Airstrikes in Syria Kill Two Iranian IRGC, Blinken, Lavrov Discuss WSJ Reporter | ASSANGE: Did Albanese ask Biden? +

Watch LIVE! Starts 10pm ET | Chemical Spills in Water | NO to RESTRICT Act | Germany MegaStrike | Dollar General | #HDWMT Ep 74 | @HowDidWeMissTha @IndLeftNews @GetIndieNews

4/2: RBN's 2-Year Anniversary! | Borrell upset with UN. Kiev Lavra arrest. Shoigu, ammo production surge. 8 new brigades | New York City Bankers Sad & Going Broke, They Can't Get That $500 Wine +

French REVOLUTION 2! | @GordonDimmack @HowDidWeMissTha #Paris #France @GetIndieNews @ReefBreland @IndLeftNews

4/1: Even ChatGPT Knows The U.S. Provoked Russia To Invade Ukraine | I'm Angry | Trump Indicted, But War Criminals Free, Gaetz & AFRICOM, Russia Detains WSJ Journalist for Espionage +

East Palestine, Ohio from the Local Perspective

3/31: East Palestine Water PULLED From Supermarket Shelves | #Trump Media Industrial Complex Fully RE-Monetized | E. Palestine, Ohio from the Local Perspective +

3/30: Russell Brand & Glenn Greenwald: Why Corporate MEDIA Is FAILING | Kamala REBUILDS Africa, “LESSER EVIL”, LA School Workers STRIKE Deal, Uranium BOMBS | GASP! I Just Went To China +

Seymour Hersh Wins Again! Nordstream, Biden, Germany, NATO | @HowDidWeMissTha @CommonDreams @JohnsonJakeP

3/29: French REVOLUTION 2! | SUMMIT FOR DEMOCRACY IS PINNACLE OF HYPOCRISY | Senate Rejects Amendment for Ukraine Aid Watchdog, Rep. Gaetz Leads Bill to Leave Somalia +

3/28: What Is Medicaid Estate Recovery & How Many Americans Have To Deal With It | France Burns! Is The US Next? | Sy Hersh Responds to His Critics With More Dirt +

3/27: THEY TRIED TO STOP ME [attacks on our water] | Ohio Disaster is MUCH WORSE than they are telling YOU! | Putin, nukes deployed to Belarus. US & Poland unhappy with Olaf | Mississippi Tragedy +

Original Articles by Indie

Watch LIVE! Starts 10pm ET | Seymour Hersh Responds | French Revolution 2? | East Palestine | Temple Grad Students | #HDWMT Ep 73 | @HowDidWeMissTha @IndLeftNews @GetIndieNews

3/26: United for East Palestine | MSNBC Pundit Goes To Fight In Ukraine, Acts Like A Disruptive Troll And Leaves | Matt Taibbi on Elon Musk: Why Did He Buy Twitter? Is He a Whistleblower? + more

3/25: Aaron Mate at UN: OPCW cover-up denies justice to Douma victims | Dioxins on the Move | Targeted by Surveillance: Julian Assange, WikiLeaks & Networked Repression +

3/24: US led "Rules Based Order" is Being Used to Impoverish the WORLD | African Journalist SHOUTED Down By WH Press Secretary! | JP Morgan & Deutsche Bank FACE-OFF Against The Virgin Islands +

3/23: Sy Hersh: CIA Planted Nord Stream Cover-Up Story, Israel Bombs Aleppo Airport Again | Why Can't We Protest Like The French? | THESE CITY OFFICIALS put PROFIT over PEOPLE | Trump VS DeSantis +

LIVE! INN News #52 | AOC Wants YOU, DeSantis BREAKUP, LA Teachers STRIKE, The Intercept...Independent? | @GetIndieNews @ogbonna_collin @ReefBreland @IndLeftNews #INNnews

3/22: Organizers of United for East Palestine | Omidyar Scam: Complicit Media Pushes Latest "Disinformation Industry" Fraud | Russia Claims More Bakhmut, Prigozhin Warns of Ukraine attack +

3/21: THEY ARE DOING SOMETHING TO THE LAND [they will all get sick] | Trump Incoming Arrest, US Refuses Ceasefire in Ukraine, Xi Meets Putin in Moscow, Praises Russia

3/20: White House Opposes a Ceasefire in Ukraine, Biden's Iraq War Lies | United for East Palestine Volunteer Interview | DC Councilman Introduces Bill...Thanks To INN's Collin! + more!

3/19: How They Brainwash You About Ukraine | National AntiWar March on Washington | Enjoy A Nice Chemical Coca Cola | Iraq War Crimes: Tony Blair Should Be In Prison NOT Julian Assange +

Watch LIVE! | INTERVIEW: Jenna Giannios & Alex Felix, United for East Palestine | How Did We Miss That #72 | @HowDidWeMissTha @IndLeftNews @GetIndieNews | Starts 10pm ET

3/18: Protest @ The White House TODAY! Fund People's Needs, Not the War Machine! | "So-called journalists" expose the Censorship Industrial Complex | Ohio SUES Norfolk Southern RAILWAY +

UNPLUG from Corporate Controlled Media (clip)

3/17: Activists Form MUTUAL AID Group for East Palestine | Hawks Push for War with Russia After Russian Aircraft Caused American Drone to Crash | The Disappearing of Julian Assange: The Archibalds +

COINTELPRO - Important to Know Our History (clip) @freedomrideblog @blkagendareport @HowDidWeMissTha

3/16: Republicans MELTDOWN Over DeSantis Ukraine Comments | Workers STRIKE Back Boston | Willow Oil Project | Sinema Is BOUGHT, IL PAID LEAVE | Collin CRAFTS DC Legislation! +

RECORD LEVELS of Congressional CORRUPTION!!! (clip) @ppolitics @sludge @HowDidWeMissTha

3/15: Why 3 US banks collapsed in 1 week | USA: Will Thailand Be a Hostile Anti-China Proxy? | Imagining a World without Bosses! | Elites Cheer “Navalny” While Julian Assange Rots in Prison + more

3/14: Philadelphia FIGHTS For A PUBLIC Bank? | SVB Collapse & Economic Consequences, HUGE Shift Iran-Saudi Peace via China, Signals West Decline | East Palestine Community Meeting & Expert Panel +

Welcome to Dystopia - East Palestine, Ohio & Norfolk Southern (clip) @HowDidWeMissTha @CommonDreams @KennyStancil #EastPalestine

3/13: The Biden Cover Story is LAUGHABLE | House VOTES DOWN Gaetz Bill to Withdraw U.S. Troops From Syria | DYSTOPIA IN OHIO | CONGRESS RECORD DARK MONEY | COINTELPRO HISTORY + more!

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Channels OFF YouTube To Subscribe To! @_WhitneyWebb @TLAVagabond @AMwakeup @HowDidWeMissTha @GordonDimmack @RealRobDurden @uotuw #CorbettReport

3/12: The Whole Country SHUT DOWN! France Against Macron’s Pension Reform | Progressive Strategy DOESN'T Work! | JOHN PILGER: Anything to Say? | NO Cop City! + more!

3/11: How Corporate Greed Destroyed East Palestine | 'Egregious and Widespread Misconduct' by @Starbucks | Florida GOP Forcing Bloggers To Register With The State! | Lula, Nicaragua & more!

3/10: ONLY STATE SANCTIONED NARRATIVES ALLOWED!- House Dems SHILL For Censorship | 2022 Saw a HUGE Increase in Strikes! | No to NATO, No to War: Richard Medhurst's Full Speech + more

3/9: US Planning for the Destruction of Taiwan? | Jose’s INTERVENTIONS, La Rouche…CULT? Collin RANTS on Marianne, NO Cop City! | Aaron Maté & Richard Wolff CALL OUT Mainstream Media +

3/8: #JulianAssange: More Coming Out Re: the Depth of Persecution | Biden SIDES With GOP | REVEALED! Fauci MADE UP His Own Study To Counter “Lab Leak” Theory | NO Love For Syria +

3/7: LAPD Says I'm Right About Cops! | Kshama Sawant Gives INSPIRING Speech at Workers Strike Back Launch | On The Ground In East Palestine, Ohio | You Can (Not) WIN The War +

3/6: Nick's Speech at Workers Strike Back | Proof of the Ratchet Effect | New Assange News | Baby Formula | Starbucks BUSTED by NLRB | 2022 Was Good for Worker Strikes + more

Watch LIVE! | New Assange News | Baby Formula | Starbucks BUSTED by NLRB | 2022 Was Good for Worker Strikes Ep #70 | @HowDidWeMissTha @IndLeftNews @GetIndieNews | Starts 10pm ET

3/5: Railroad Workers CALL OUT East Palestine, Ohio Train Derailment | EU/US wartime economy to defeat Putin. Merrick Garland in Kiev. Peoples Republic of Russia | Never ending Dioxins | Student Loan


3/3: We're Losing Our Anti War Heroes Right When We Need Them Most | ‘Divide and Conquer’ - Let’s Talk About U.S. Foreign Politics | Workers Are Essential, Capitalists Are Not +

3/2: Every Single Person on Cable News is OWNED by a CORPORATION | @AmazonLabor: Where's The PR? Where's the Infrastructure? | SCOTUS STUDENT LOAN HEARINGS | US Has A History of Hysteria +

3/1: Norfolk Southern destroys East Palestine with Poison and private police | #Censorship Across the Board on #SocialMedia? | The MIC: Can't Stop Won't Stop | What's the Mass Media's Job?

2/28: Coal Miners End Longest Strike in USA - Our Leaders Failed Workers Again | West Using Syrian Quake to Push #WhiteHelmets w/ V Beeley, Russia-Ukraine Updates | @KitCabello on @CNN?!? + more!

2/27: History of the anti war movement w/ Oz the Boomer | MORE Censorship | “DeepFake” Don? | Joe is Back! | Coal Miner Strike ENDS | Why Indie Media MUST Cover East Palestine + more!

Watch LIVE! | MORE Censorship | “DeepFake” Don? | Joe is Back! | Coal Miner Strike ENDS | How Did We Miss That #69 | @HowDidWeMissTha @IndLeftNews @GetIndieNews | Starts 10pm ET

2/26: RAY MCGOVERN INTERVIEW - THE NORD STREAM PIPELINE ATTACK | Biden in Ukraine | BIDEN SNUBS EAST PALESTINE, OHIO | Misty Winston on MSNBC, Revolutionary Blackout on CNN + more!

2/25: Disability Benefits LOST Because You Got Married? | Rome Is BUILDING A WHAT? | NO TO NATO, NO TO WAR! | Join us in London | Trump Visits East Palestine, Mayor SLAMS Biden | Taibbi's New Project+

2/24: Manufacturing Consent to Invade Haiti?! | Noam Chomsky, Chris Hedges, Edward Snowden, Jill Stein & Greenwald on the Assange case | CLICKBAIT?! | Speaking Truth to Power with Jose Vega +

2/23: Africa 4 Palestine, The AntiWar Movement, Biden in Ukraine | The Left vs Left? | Cops Paid to Protect Property, Not People: Pipeline Edition | Whitney Webb INTERVIEW: One Nation Under Blackmail

Appearing on Due Dissidence TONIGHT with Reef - 8pm ET

2/22: Rage Against War Recap, Biden Visits Elensky, Ignores Ohio, Putin Speech, Russia out of New START | Norfolk Southern Donation, Social Media & 3-Letter Agencies | East Palestine, OH Water Info +

Our New Mission: Unplug From Corporate Media

2/21: The Disgusting Way the US Government Deals With the Tragedy in Ohio | Rage Against The War Machine Rally in DC - Thoughts & Review | Tara Reade Speech | Joe Rogan SHOCKED By Taibbi TWITTER FILES

2/20: Rage Against War | Taibbi | Haiti | East Palestine, OH | Corporate Cops | The Power Serving Myth That Anti War Protests Make No Difference | Temple Grad Students LOSE Healthcare After Strike +

Watch LIVE! | Rage Against War | Taibbi | Haiti | East Palestine, OH | Corporate Cops | How Did We Miss That #68 | @HowDidWeMissTha @IndLeftNews @GetIndieNews

2/18: Prioritizing Black Women's Health w/ Courtney Banks | Ohio Train Derailment, Israeli Firm Election Meddling | Temple University Grad Student Union Strikes; Rally on Campus +

2/17: Moon of Alabama: Slight Corrections to Sy Hersh's Nordstream article | CN LIVE! SY HERSH: AMERICAN SABOTAGE | Nationalize the Rails! Elon FIRES 30 at TSLA! Grad Student Strike at Temple U! +

2/16: White House VEHEMENTLY Lying About Blowing Up Nord Stream Pipeline | Rail DISASTER In Ohio, UFO DISTRACTIONS, RELIEF In Syria? Craig Murray FLEES Home + more

2/15: Train Derailments, Hair Relaxers Causing Cancer, The Ohio River Tainted | Potential Nurses Got Screwed | THIS IS HUGE (re Pfizer) | MSNBC Covers Up Half The Story | US media ignores Sy Hersh +

2/14: The Chemical Disaster and Roads Closed in East Palestine, Ohio | Temple U Grad Student Strike | Admin Pulls Tuition & Healthcare! | How To Defeat Cop City + more!

2/13: Republicans REALLY Want To Cut Social Security | NordStream | Temple Grad Students | Amazon Worker Reinstated | Solar+50% | STATE of Crime | Disney Screws Workers AGAIN |They Don’t Want PEACE +

Watch LIVE! | NordStream | Temple Grad Students | Amazon Worker Reinstated | Solar>50% | How Did We Miss That #67 | @HowDidWeMissTha @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland @GetIndieNews

2/12: @FiorellaIsabelM's #Ukraine-NATO Proxy War vs #Russia Update | Pentagon Wants To Return Special Ops Propagandists To #Ukraine | Jim Crow Joe Strikes Again, Ukraine Funding Debate

2/11: Nord Stream pipeline & sabotaging peace w/Jeffrey Sachs | Lee Camp Joins RBN | Gaetz' Resolution to End War | Victoria Nuland visits South Asia | Rant Against the War Machine, w/ Jimmy Dore +

2/10: USA BLEW UP NordStream pipelines: Hersh | @RogerWaters SMEARED By #PinkFloyd Bandmate Over #Ukraine | Billionaires are ALWAYS Sellouts | PSYOPS: Recognizing & Reconciling Them + more!

Watch LIVE! #TyreNichols | Temple U Strike | Value of a FB Like | Palestinian Media | How Did We Miss That #66 | @HowDidWeMissTha @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland @GetIndieNews

2/9: INSANE: US Confirmed to Be Behind #Nordstream Pipeline Attacks: #SeymourHersh | Why You Should Hate Corporate #News Even More Than You Do | Clowning War Criminals + more!

2/8: Shame on You Joe Biden! Lift Sanctions on Syria NOW! | CAPITALISM: The Ruling Class is Making it ILLEGAL TO STRIKE in Every State | 10 Ways The US Is Out Of Line With The Entire World + more

2/7: Fiorella Isabel Joins How Did We Miss That to talk Russia-Ukraine-Donbass | NO BACK-UP PLAN To Forgive Student Loan Debt | Nina Turner POSSIBLE Third Party Run? + more

Watch LIVE! Fiorella Isabel Joins How Did We Miss That to talk Russia-Ukraine-Donbass + @HowDidWeMissTha #65 | @IndLeftNews @GetIndieNews @IndLeftNews

2/5: The Killing of Tyre Nichols | Hunter Biden ADMITS The Laptop Is His | Don't Want To Vote Blue? Just GROW UP!: Krystal Ball | Tara Reade Interview On Anti War Movement, DC Event on 2/19

2/4: The Colorado River FINALLY Dried Up And Something Terrifying Is Happening! | US Surrounds China With War Machinery While Freaking Out About Balloons | Why Eleven Demands? + more!

2/3: What do you think the Chinese spy balloon is surveilling? | Did Victoria Nuland Just Admit U.S. Blew up Nordstream 2? | RAGE AGAINST WAR MACHINE, NO BACK-UP PLAN, Assange: PURGE Files +

2/2: LISTEN TO OUR LEADERS #MakeAmazonPay #JusticeForPoushawnBrown | Clare Daly EXPLAINS The Tanks | Ukraine Got the Tanks, Now It Wants Fighter Jets | South Africa Defies US Bullying #GroundhogDay +

2/1: Biden To Use Tyre Nichols' Parents as Props | Krystal Ball Destroyed in Status Coup's Comments | Young People Are Desperate To End Capitalism | #StopCopCity | Media Lying About The Economy +

1/31: Diving into #TyreNichols Police Killing, #Israel Strikes #Iran with #Drones | Cop Shows Used To Whitewash Real Life #Police MURDERS | WAR w/ #China: 2025? US Memo Says YES?! | Dedollarization?

1/30: Matt Taibbi Exposes Massive "Russian Disinformation" Fraud, Hamilton 68 | #US cops are out of control maniacs hopped up on steroids | Should teachers have guns at school? | Outrage Over Tyre +

1/29: Akilé Anai On Reparations & Why It Matters | Pfizer Exec TURNS VIOLENT After Being Exposed In Undercover Video | The Bernie Sanders Industrial Complex | Support Assange Countdown to Freedom +

1/28: Police keep k*lling unarmed citizens & the bias runs deep #TyreNichols | Why Don't You Ever Criticize RUSSIA'S Warmongering?? | Tulsi Calls Out Insider Trading, Pelosi Hammer Video + more!

1/27: CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS (According to Left vs. Right MSM) | Pfizer Director Assaults Project Veritas Staff; Destroys iPad Showing Undercover Recordings | What Does Raising the Retirement Age Mean?+

1/26: Germany & US to Send Leopard 2 & Abrams Tanks to Ukraine | Boston Public Schools EXPLOIT Teachers | CLARE DALY JOINS SABBY SABS | The Great Reset: TERRIFYING Future Of Social Control! + more

1/25: Why Democracy Now sucks | This Is Why Germany Didn't Want to Send Tanks to Ukraine | Whitney Webb Exposes Scary Truths About WHO's New Chief Scientist + more

1/24: SCOTUS GUT STRIKES? | VP Harris Acts JUST like REPUBLICANS Are GUILTY of killing ABORTION RIGHTS! | NATO chief: "Weapons are the way to peace" | A 3 Year Battle With Long Covid + more

1/23: MLK's Legacy Used to Sell #CopCity By Atlanta Officials | @CynthiaMcKinney & @_WhitneyWebb on Davos Agenda + | @AOC CONFRONTED AT TOWN HALL, BOOMERANG GENERATION CASE STUDY, COP CITY PROTESTS

1/22: Pakistan to Buy Russian Oil, Deal in ‘Final Stages' | Let's Nuke The World Over Who Governs Crimea | Millions of lives saved! | France & UK Protesters RISE UP! + more!

1/21: Julian Assange and the war on whistleblowers w/Kevin Gosztola | Guest Co-Host Joins TCC to Talk About Davos Get Together w/Whitney Webb | Will Germany Give Ukraine Leopard Tanks to Fight Russia?

1/20: Assange: THE BELMARSH TRIBUNAL - Live from Washington DC | Garland Nixon Discusses Free Speech, Internet Censorship, & Rage Against The War Machine | Glenn Greenwald CENSORSHIP WARNING (clip) +

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1/19: Establishment Dems Done with Biden? | Biden DESECRATES MLK’s Church, Greta’s PROTEST, SCOTUS GUT STRIKES? PASS The Baton | The WEF's Diabolical Plans To Control Your Life + more!

1/18: The CIA's 75-Year Love Affair With Nazis In Ukraine | Children of the COVID! | There Are No Innocent Americans | Hands Off Uhuru! | Biden LIES About Attending Black Church EVERY DAY! +

1/17: 20 videos, 20 weeks for Julian Assange-Why is whistleblowing key to hold power accountable? | Omali Yeshitela & Tara Reade: The Politics of FBI Raids + much more!

1/16: MLK was MURDERED for The Same Reason Fred Hampton was MURDERED | #JusticeForPoushawnBrown: Tina Brown & Chris Smalls SPEAK | Trenton NJ Police K*lled a Senior Citizen with #COVID19 +

1/15: JUSTICE For Karon Blake | "Power To The People" Anti War - Black Alliance For Peace Times Square | This MLK Day, Remember: The Govt Took Out MLK | Is it single-use plastics or is it us? + more

1/14: Twitter Files Debunks Russiagate, Peru’s Massacre | AOC Won't #ForceTheVote, Glenn Greenwald Calls Out Biden/DNC on Handling Documents, Nurse Strikes | Brutal honesty about Russia/Ukraine war +

1/13: Why Social Democracy Isn't Good Enough | The Democratic Party is Right Wing | Record Number & Yet Media Still Gets It Wrong | Matt Taibbi on the Twitter Files | AOC Bribes Local Non-Profits +

1/12: #JusticeForPoushawnBrown: The 2-Year Anniversary RALLY in Washington DC | Twitter leaks expose Russian bots sham | Russell Brand & Clare Daly Calls Out Ukraine War | Ilhan Omar Defends the FBI +

1/11: New York Nurses GO ON STRIKE | Danny Haiphong's Wife is One of The Nurses | Starbucks Exposed: How the Coffee Giant Exploits the LGBTQ+ Community | Worker Coops: Building a Better Workplace

1/10: $858 BILLION in Military Spending | State Of The Billionaire Press | Two Parties Of Capitalist Imperialists | Progressive Democrats PUSH January 6th NONSENSE Like Corporate Democrats + more!

1/9: It's 2023- Ukraine Continues Its Terrorism of Donbass Civilian Areas & Infrastructure | Help Stop Atlanta's "Cop City" w/ Kamau Franklin | Why Almost Everyone in Norway Buys Electric Vehicles +

1/8: BRIAHNA JOY GRAY PRESSES RO KHANNA, RALPH NADER MESSAGE TO THE SQUAD, QUIET HIRING INCREASE | Alex Rubinstein & Lee Camp: The Truth About Ukraine's Azov Battalion | Dueling Inciters + more!

How Did We Miss That? Twitter Files Coverage & Breakdown By Release | Parts 1-9 #TwitterFiles | @HowDidWeMissTha @IndLeftNews @ReefBreland @GetIndieNews

1/7: Epstein-Targeting Prosecutor FIRED?! | Why Corporate Media HATES The “Twitter Files” | Bring on the CHAOS! | Deep State mafia JUST snuffed out a major Epstein connection | Happy FBI PSYOP! +

1/6: Independent Media PREFERRED Over Mainstream Media, SCHOOL TO DEBTOR PIPELINE, DATA INSECURITY | FACT: Giving More Money to Police Doesn't Have an Effect on Crime | Twitter Obeyed Gov Orders +

1/5: The Dirty Secret of US Groundwater | Coulda been the Squad #shorts #politics #theView #ftv | 2023 Chicago Mayoral Race, Frost’s BETRAYAL, $858B For WAR, Another QUID PRO JOE? #Epstein + more!

1/4: Progressives Pick Jefferies; Republicans Show The Squad How to FORCE THE VOTE | $110B For Ukraine War Is 100% Corruption | Julian Warned Us: Tech Censorship by Proxy & Media Manipulation

1/3: The INTERCEPT is a U S Intelligence Cutout | The Kwame Ture Principle! | Do you believe him? | Cornel West & Medea Benjamin CALL For PEACE | CIA & NATO Creating Sabotage Within Russia? + more!

1/2: Why is Russia Conducting its Special Military Operation this Way? | Zimbabwe Bans Raw Lithium Exports | Richard D. Wolff: Why Capitalism Must Be DESTROYED | TWITTER FILES 9 Review + more!

1/1: Black People Need to Leave The Two Party Duopoly | Stop Cop City | EXPOSING how the deep state mafia controls all of us | Jimmy Dore & Max Blumenthal DEBUNK Lies | Biden Escalates Ukraine War +