May 10, 2022 • 1HR 38M

Comrade Misty Winston | Friends of Indie Left Podcast #FOIL | @SarcasmStardust @IndLeftNews @GetIndieNews

Indie is joined by a TRUE friend for Episode 6 of #FriendsofIndieLeft - someone who gets what we’re doing here and supports us wholeheartedly. Comrade Misty, AKA Sarcasm Stardust, AKA Misty Winston!

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Thank you so much for being here and checking this out. I am so excited about this show, which I thought would be a great way for all of us to learn more about the people whose work & analysis we amplify regularly in Independent Left News, Leftists Today, and even our Discord server, independentleft gg.
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Originally recorded LIVE on Rokfin, YouTube, Odysee, Facebook, Telegram, Twitch & Twitter - Monday, Apr 18 at 9:30pm ET / 6:30pm PT

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